AllisonJoelMiceli  Allison & Joel Miceli

   Potsdam NY

I had this recurring NIGHTMARE—that nobody would dance at our wedding. I even had one where the songs were searched and played off of YouTube during the reception, those ads included. It was horrible. Hahaha! That DID NOT happen at our wedding—or anything remotely close. In fact, there’s not even a slight dance of no dancing with Stylez Entertainment. Everybody was up on the dance floor, even the people who I thought didn’t have a single grooving bone in their body. It was amazing. As a bride, you don’t want to be second guessing anything the day of your wedding, and Brian’s last call to me put me at complete ease. We went over the LONG list of details and requests I had. He listened and offered suggestions and took his time to explain everything with patience, professionalism, and an awesome down-to-earth attitude. From the smooth transitions in the varying classical pieces for the ceremony, to the perfectly timed cut offs for the entrances, to the dances and the partying, Stylez Entertainment was on par the whole night. And don’t even get me started about how outstanding Brian was on the mic--especially with the bouquet and garter toss! People say that your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye—and it really does! I only wish we had more time to enjoy more music and dancing! A great time had by all! Really, don’t skimp on a DJ—it brings the life to your party! I recommend Stylez Entertainment wholeheartedly.

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